Taking time “just for her”

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Are you a mom? If you are, you should relate to this post. I am a mom of 2 boys - 15 and 12.

School ended 2 weeks ago. We were all very excited for Groundhog Day to end... waking up at 6:30, making breakfast for sleepy (in my case cranky) children, making lunches, driving to school, picking up from school, homework... Remember that daily routine? Now it's summer and a whole new routine starts with driving to camps, driving to friends houses, bored children, pool-time, sleepovers and more. Let's face it, summer is no vacation for moms and very soon we'll be counting the days school starts again. If I'm not working to plan the event I'm cleaning my house from the gaggle of kids that hung out there all day or re-stocking the pantry with snacks. Don't get me wrong. I love being a mom but I definitely need a break sometimes.

Next weekend June 24-26 take some time for you and enjoy the Just For Her Event with friends or even by yourself. This event was started 8 years ago with the idea that women needed an event just for them. They needed an event that would cater to what they love most - shopping & pampering. Honestly, they needed a day to be husband and children free and spend a few hours splurging on themselves. For those of you with daughters, I know this event is one they love and many of you have a long-standing tradition of shopping together so by all means, bring the girls!

We hear a lot of women say after the event "I was too busy to go" or "I couldn't find the time". I encourage you to listen to yourself when these words come out of your mouth and realize that you deserve to find the time and deserve to leave the kids with dad for a few hours. I get it - I never want to miss one of my boy's games but there will be hundreds more baseball games and with the forecast in the high 90's this weekend, a few hours inside in air conditioning with over 350 businesses to shop might just be what you need! Hope to see you all there. #justforherevent