Exhibitor & Sponsor  Q&A

How many people come to this event?
Since we began the Just For Her Event we've had over 50,000 guests! On average 10,000 - 12,000 guests join us for the 2 1/2 day event.
How do you market the event?
We mix up our advertising annually and have included the following in our mix: radio, tv, billboards, print magazines, newspaper, yard signs, social media, posters, marketing card distribution, street team marketing, local exhibitor promotion, sponsor pre-show giveaways and more. In addition you will see a well-rounded marketing strategy that includes tv interviews, billboards, print, social media (so like us!) and a massive street team effort!
How much are your booths?
All pricing for booths is on our application. Prices range from $450 and up depending on your type of business.
Does the booth price come with a table & chair?
No, our pricing is only for pipe & drape, identification sign & waste basket, unless you are a sponsor. Sponsorships have table packages included.
Can I bring in my own tables, chairs, carpet and decoration?
Yes, you may bring in any items for booth set up. We do work with George Fern Decorating Company in Kansas City. You may rent directly from them if a rental is an easier option for you.Pricing and rental information will be available 60 days before the show. Note the early order discount deadlines.
How much are your sponsorship packages and how do they benefit my business?
Our sponsorships start at $2,500. All sponsorships include booth space and at the category level include a customized sponsorship package that meets your marketing objectives. We work hard to brainstorm with you and put our marketing hats on to come up with creative ways to build your brand pre-event, at event and post-event. We promise it's a heck of a lot more than just your logo on our website!
What is a juried (J) booth noted on the floor plan?
Our most coveted 10x10 corners in the center of the event are reserved for vendors that represent our motto "Shop. Pamper. Treat." To apply for a juried booth, you must send photos of your products and previous booth design. Our goal is to have wide range of products and pampering services in the center of the event. There is no additional fee for juried booths if accepted.
What is The Marketplace?
In 2015, we introduced "The Marketplace" to our event. This section of the event was added to include the artists and makers who hand-make their products. To qualify to apply for this section of the event (all exhibitors are juried in this section) you must fit one of the following criteria: 1.) Exhibitor handcrafts at least 50% of their products, 2.) Exhibitor sells vintage products, 3.) Exhibitor sells artisan food (“Artisan” is a term used to describe food produced by non-industrialized methods).
When are payments due?
Upon acceptance to our events, a $100 deposit is due if you sign up prior to 6 months before the event date. If you sign up prior to 6 months, 50% of the booth fee is due at the time of acceptance. The final 50% payment is due 60 days prior to each event. All payments are non-refundable.
Do I have to exhibit at the show all days?
Yes, we require our vendors to be there all event days and times so we do not have empty booths for our guests.
Can I have music in my booth?
As long as it is not loud or interferes with your neighbor in any way (they need to be able to speak to the guests too!) The Just For Event Team reserves the right to withdraw permission to us music.
Can I do a giveaway at my booth but not staff it?
No, you are required to always staff your booth all hours of our shows and we do not allow sweepstakes entries with the intent of just collecting guest information. Of course, you may do giveaways and raffles in your booth to collect attendee data as long as you are providing a valid prize and do not use this information to aggressively solicit to our guests after the event.
Can I tear down early?
Our guests pay for an event that ends at a certain time, therefore, we do not allow our vendors to tear down early without a penalty of $100 and you will not be allowed to exhibit at any of our future events. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.
Are internet and/or electrical provided?
Internet and electrical are available to all vendors for a fee. You purchase internet on your Exhibitor Application for $25, or by contacting our team before the event. Electrical is purchased through the Overland Park Convention Center and must be purchased prior to the event. Click HERE to order electrical.
Can I sample food in my booth?
You may sample food in your booth as long as it meets the sampling guidelines for each event and you have applied for a food sampling permit and been approved. There is a $15 food permit fee and you must submit your food permit to Just For Her Event by the noted deadline.
Do you help with marketing design or signage?
We have partnered with Kansas City based Cityguide Marketing Company, who offers the Just For Her Event vendors special, discounted pricing on design and printing to ensure our vendors have the best looking handouts, signage and booth design.