After many years of producing shows, we've seen it all! Beautiful, show-stopping booths to a folded table (no table cloth), rusty folded chairs and a torn old banner hanging from the back wall. The latter is the reason we now jury our booths! We've also watched transactions happen for those savvy business owners who are on their feet selling their products and services and we've sadly watched a few sit in the corner of the back of their booth on a chair reading a book. Here are our tips for HOW TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL SHOW!

1. Your booth needs to stand out and look great!

  • Use a fabric for the back wall (don't stick with the standard black drape)
  • Bring custom signage! Don't rely on the "identification sign" we provide. Showcase your logo and brand with updated signage.
  • Invest in lighting. The exhibit halls offer good lighting but highlighting your booth with additional lighting helps. (Don't forget to purchase electricity and bring extension cords)
  • Don't put your table across the entry making people reluctant to pass by to enter your booth. Push your table/set in back and position yourself in front of your products.
  • Have a sign announcing a "show special" on some item which is offered at a significant discount.
  • Have "New Item" signs on new products or "Best Seller" signs.
  • Now that you've attracted lookers, make certain your booth number on EVERY page of everything you hand out. With so many booths, it's hard to remember where you were when the lookers come back to buy.

Some booth display examples with custom signage, great decor and open space for shopping and interacting.











2. Talk to the customers and don't sit down!

  • Seems easy enough but good customer service is key. We know the hours get long but when you sit down, you say "I don't really want to interact with you."
  • Everyone working needs to know your product. We know YOU know your products and services but if you hire help, be sure they know it just as well!
  • Smile. Simple... but we've seen lots of crabby vendors. If it's slower then you'd like, there are still customers walking by to interact with. They don't care that you haven't hit your sales goal or that your feet hurt.
  • Share a personal story. People relate to compelling stories. It could be yours as founder or one of your clients.

3. Pre-Marketing is key

  • The Just For Her Event will market the heck out of the event but we also need the help of vendors. We need your client base to know you will be there and get excited to see your new products and show specials.
  • Use social media to spread the word. The more you post and tag us, the more we know about your business and what you'll be doing at our shows so we can promote you too!

4. Marketing Material & Marketing at the Event

  • Have good looking and informative hand-outs or business cards
  • Signage. We can't say enough about good signage! Printing on gator board is a clean way to display your brand and if you do a lot of shows, the signs are re-usable.
  • Take advantage of some of the cost effective show guide advertising to stand out.
  • Need help with design? We are lucky to partner with Cityguide Marketing in Overland Park. They offer our vendors discounted pricing on all items designed for the event!